• Liston Pitman

    Liston Pitman

  • Anna K Ettin

    Anna K Ettin

  • Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen

    Digital and Social Media Consultant. Lecturer in Digital Journalism at Goldsmiths. Husband. Dad. #KarateBlackbelt. #SocialMedia believer. Listener. Optimist.

  • Jennifer J. Baldridge

    Jennifer J. Baldridge

  • Shannon Colón

    Shannon Colón

    Notes to myself on emotional awareness, mortality, physical health, and how that relates to, doesn’t relate to, and mostly relates to running a design business.

  • Mark Logan

    Mark Logan

    Founder, idealect - Innovation, Social Good, Design Thinking, Data Science, Emerging Tech, Creative Tech, Artificial Intelligence. https://idealect.is @mlogan

  • Vishal Sapra

    Vishal Sapra

    Former i-banker turned tech nerd. Founder @ Code & Culture.

  • pranavg


    Co-founder Koloapp

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